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Pololu push button mains switch LV, push button switch 2,5V - 7V, max. 10A semiconductor switch

Item number: PO-751

The Pololu pushbutton switch was originally developed for our Orang-Utan robot controllers as an alternative to bulky mechanical switches.

Category: Sensors, actuators

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The Pololu pushbutton switch is a compact, solid circuit breaker controlled by a pushbutton. Since the switching current does not flow through the mechanical switch, a large amount of power can be controlled with a variety of small, low-current switches. The use of pushbuttons also makes it possible to use several switches in parallel to control the power of a load. The semiconductor switch also allows the load to turn off its own power supply, which can be advantageous when used with overcharge sensitive battery chemicals. Please note that this switch has several disadvantages compared to mechanical switches, so please make sure that you fully understand this product before using it in your system.

The Pololu push button power switch is available in two voltage variants: standard voltage, 4.5-20V and low voltage, 2.5-7.0V. Make sure you select the correct device for your application. The two versions look very similar, but differ in the color of the LED that lights when the switch is on: The SV version has a green LED and the LV version a red LED.

Technical data

- Dimensions: 0.4" x 0.9" x 0.125" (without pin headers and pushbuttons)
- Operating voltage: 4.5-20 V (SV version), 2.5-7.0 V (LV version)
- Maximum current: 10 A (see MOSFET data sheet)
- Weight without supplied pushbutton: 0.030 oz (0.85 g)
- Weight with integrated pushbutton: 0.035 oz (1.0 g)
- Draws very little current when powered off (typically less than 0.01 μA).

Shipping weight: 0,01 Kg