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Devantech TPA81 body/flame heat sensor Thermopile array 5V @ 5mA, I2C interface 2um - 22um

Item number: DEV-TPA81

Detects a candle flame at a distance of 2 meters (6ft) and is unaffected by ambient light! Detect human body heat! Servo control for image construction!

Category: Sensors, actuators

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The TPA81 is a thermopile array for infrared detection in the 2um-22um range. This is the wavelength of the radiation heat. The pyroelectric sensors commonly used in burglar alarms and for switching on outdoor lights detect infrared in the same wavelength range. However, these pyroelectric sensors can only detect a change in heating output - they are motion detectors. Although useful in robotics, their applications are limited because they cannot detect and measure the temperature of a static heat source. It has an array of eight thermopiles arranged in a row. The TPA81 can measure the temperature of 8 adjacent points simultaneously. Can also control a servo to move the module and build a thermal image. The TPA81 can detect a candle flame at a distance of 2 meters (6ft) and is unaffected by ambient light!

- Power supply - 5V only 5mA required Type. without servo
- Temperature range - 4°C - 100°C
- Accuracy (Full FOV) - +/-2°C +/-2% from 10°C to 100°C,
- Accuracy (Full FOV) - +/-3°C from 4°C to 10°C
- Field of view - 41° x 6° (8 pixels of approx. 5° x 6°)
- outputs - 1 environment + 8 pixel temperatures
- communication - I2C interface
- servocontroller - controls the servo in 32 steps up to a rotation of 180°.
- Size - 31mm x 18mm

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